Arnaldo Pomodoro Museum

The museum, hosted in the rooms of the ancient noble palace (Palazzo Gentilizio), gathers graphic works, sculptures, art books and projects which tell the artistic path of Maestro Arnaldo Pomodoro. His deep relation with the charming Montefeltro region are witnessed by his decision to donate them to the Municipality of Pietrarubbia. Inside the museum, besides unique works by the Maestro, there are works by the best pupils of the TAM Centre (Centro TAM – the Centre for the Artistical Treatment of Metals founded in Pietrarubbia in 1990 by the will of the Municipal Administration and directed by Arnaldo Pomodoro).

Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro

Ceramics Museum

Artifacts found during the renovation works of the village are preserved within the Ceramics Museum. Dating back to the 13th-17th centuries, the artifacts display various shapes and colors narrating the lives of common people, as well as those of noble ones, and unveil the fashion and traditions of those times. These findings bear witness of the prestigious past of the Castle of Pietrarubbia and build an ideal bridge with the cultural roots of Montefeltro.

Medieval Ironworks Complex

The medieval ironworks complex winds between an internal exhibiting area, which well illustrates all the steps relating to the melting of iron thanks to explanatory images, and a perfectly integrated external area composed of archaeological findings, all connected along the slope at the entrance of the village. Here starts the exhibiting path clearly showing the various steps of the production of iron, with the fan window, the water well, the tank for the extinguishing and decanting of impurities and, in the end, the furnace for the actual fusion.

Art Gallery

At the ground floor of the Noble Palace (Palazzo Gentilizio) there is an Art Gallery, a small exhibition gallery conceived to house art exhibits.

A widespread museum

The village of Pietrarubbia, dating back to the 12th century, dominated by the remains of the upper tower, can be actually looked upon as a “widespread museum”. It hosts unique museums such as the Arnaldo Pomodoro Museum, the church of San Silvestro with its splendid altar by Arnaldo Pomodoro, the Ceramics Museum and the Medieval Ironworks Complex, but it also hosts large art installations located in external areas. All this, together with the natural beauties and breathtaking views of the surrounding areas, makes of Pietrarubbia a unique ‘widespread’ museum.



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