Children Music Festival


8th Edition

The Baby Voice Festival is aimed at all children, as individual performers or musical groups, aged between 3 and 14 years.

Participants will be divided into two categories:

BABY, from 3 to 9 years
JUNIOR, from 10 to 14 years

One of the aims of the Festival is to disseminate artistic/musical expression among children and is based on the belief that music is a universal heritage to be shared with the new generations and represents a fundamental support in the process of maturing and affirming one’s identity. Furthermore, the aim is to convey to the participants of the Festival the value of respect, fair competition and friendship.

Baby Voice’s aim is that of bringing out those who love to sing, of giving space to the new generations, offering them the opportunity to meet and discuss with experts in the field of music, musicians, singers, authors, editors and producers, guaranteeing participants a great visibility.